Santa Eulalia Resort & Attractions

Santa Eulalia or Santa Eulalia des Rui to give it its full name is the third largest town on Ibiza. This popular area is also the home to the island’s only river. Large enough to offer visitors a good range of services. These include shops, supermarkets, cafes, bars and restaurants. Small enough to get around on foot. Santa Eulalia is a favourite holiday destination with families and couples. This location covers an area of 153.6 km² and has a population of around 37,500 currently.

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Santa Eulalia Restaurants & Shops

With its grid like street layout and the beach and harbour as a reference point. Visitors can explore the town at leisure without worrying about getting lost.

Carrer de Sant Vincent is pedestrianised to enjoy many of the town’s superb restaurants. Parallel to this is Carrer de Sant Jaume. Here you can browse the shops and boutiques before making your way down the Passeig de s’Alamera. You can rest for a while here in the tree lined gardens if you choose.

The boulevard reaches down to the beach. In peak season it boasts an interesting collection of small market stalls. These stalls sell local arts & crafts and hippy type garb.

Puig de Missa Church

puig de missa church

Atop the Puig de Missa hill behind the beaches is the charming little Parish Church of Santa Eulalia. The church first began life as a small chapel in 1302. Later rebuilt and fortified to protect the town during turbulent times. Visitors making the climb to the hill’s summit are rewarded with wonderful views over the town and out to sea.

Santa Eulalia River & Walk

Santa Eulalia River is not only the only river in Ibiza but across the Balearic Islands. This makes it one of the most unique attractions in this part of Spain. It´s also one of the best places to experience a relaxing walk. El Rio (river) stretches 17 kilometres from the west and runs to the eastern coast. There are notice boards along the way that provide lot of useful information also. This is a great way to get a little exercise and enjoy all the nature such as the ducks and other wildlife.

Map Location

Santa Eulalia lies on the eastern coast of Ibiza. To the north is Es Canar with Cala Llonga to the south.

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Top Beaches

This pretty part of Ibiza actually boasts some of the best beaches and coves on the island. Perhaps a surprise to some but this area has over 45 km´s of coastline. Forming the coastal area here are no less than 22 beaches and cover to enjoy. All have clear turquoise waters with white cliffs lining some which add to their beauty.

Playa de Santa Eulalia is one of the main beaches here which is a short walk to the river. Some of the best options for families are Cala Olivera and Playa de Es Figueral. You will usually find facilities both lining the beaches and on the beach itself. Most of the coastal areas are a short distance to bars and restaurants or your hotel.