Menorca Island: Best Beaches, Nightlife & Capital City Mahon

Menorca is Spain’s easternmost Balearic island. This island is also one of the most beautiful and unspoiled. Even the capital, Mahón and former capital of Ciutadella are very laid back.

This island boasts over 200 km’s of coastline. This comprises of many beaches and bays. Broken up here and there are beautiful pine forests. These reach all the way to the sea and rocky coves favoured by local fishermen and snorkellers.

Map of Menorca

Menorca Map


Menorca Climate

Add to this a glorious Mediterranean climate of sunny summer days and mild winters. The gentle rains bring the surrounding countryside to life. Here you will find lush vegetation and wildflower. Menorca is an island that appeals to the more discerning traveler seeking a gentler pace of life.

Menorca may not have the legendary nightlife found in Ibiza and Majorca but it’s far from boring. This beautiful island attracts many holidaymakers seeking thrills and excitement. Sports and leisure facilities such as hiking, cycling. Horse riding, rock climbing, golf and an excellent choice of water activities.

Top Beaches In Menorca

The Menorca beaches and coves are the top attraction of this locations. Stunning turquoise waters await visitors to this wonderful Balearic island.

menorca beaches

Like a small child thumbing their nose at their older sister. Menorca, although smaller boasts more beaches than neighbouring Majorca. Getting to some of the more remote Menorca beaches though, can be an adventure in itself.

Menorca’s more affluent visitors use motorboats and yachts of course. For he average Joe, it’s sometimes a bit of a foot slog. If you don’t have a yacht handy then a SUP (stand up paddle boards) will help. Kayaks will also get you to some of the most stunning beaches in Spain. You could also make like Indiana Jones and blaze your own trail through the forest. Rest assured, whichever of the Menorca beaches you choose, fun in the sun assured.

Serpentona & Cala Galdena
cala galdena, menorca

If secluded bays and crystal clear waters backed by lush green forests is your thing. You could head to the little resort area of Serpentona. Here you will find some of the most picturesque bays and coves on the island. Cala Galdena is the largest and right in front of the resort. Being the resort’s main bay there are good facilities here and a sprinkling of lively beach bars. There is also a scuba diving operation and further excellent water sports.

Cala Mitjana
cala mitjana

Now the adventure begins, so bring along plenty of water and a picnic as there are no amenities where we’re heading. About a kilometres east is Cala Mitjana that can be reached on foot through the forest. Here it’s all about enjoying the tranquillity. Snorkell ing the coves and walking the forest and clifftop nature trails.

Cala Trebalúger
cala trebaluger

Those fit enough can swim, hike and rock climb their way further east along the coastline to Cala Trebalúger. There is a more direct nature trail connecting the coves. Here you will find one of the most beautiful of the Menorca beaches. With a small river running into it and forested cliffs on either side. The more adventurous spirit will be in paradise.

The Menorca beaches are not conducive to wild parties. They also do not have promenades packed with bars and clubs. If you want to enjoy a holiday on the island where you can find beaches and bays. Some hip cool and trendy places to party, head to the beaches around Cituadella de Menorca. Los Delfines and Cala Blanes are two good examples.

Mahón: The Capital City Of Menorca

Mahón is the capital city of Menorca and a delightful tourist destination. Located on the eastern shores of the island, it boasts one of the largest natural harbours in the world.

Mahon, Menorca

Due to the harbour’s 5 kilometre length, the city centre (which is at its furthest point) actually lies inland. Unlike many commercial harbours around the world, Mahón Harbour is very beautiful. Lined with trees, palms and some stunning villas.

The Beautiful Natural Harbour of Mahón

To appreciate the beauty of the harbour, a guided boat tour is a must. This tour reveals some interesting landmarks. It’s possible to take a dip in one of the more secluded coves that line the harbour.

Mahon Harbour
Mahon Harbour

Mahón doesn’t actually have any beaches until you reach the sea. What it does have are splendid little marinas. At these marinas you can sit with a drink and watch the yachts and cruisers making their way along the channel. Another popular tourist attraction located in the harbour is the Xoriguer Gin Distillery. Here you can sample as many types as you like.

The historical centre of Mahón sits on a high ridge above the harbour. You can reach the centre via a series of steps, although these are not too steep and have various resting places.

With narrow cobbled lanes it’s a charming place to explore and in places reminiscent of Venice. Cafes spill out onto the pavements. The elegant architecture hints at its 18th century British occupation. There is also a sightseeing train that makes its way around the city.

Mahón Fish Market
mahon fish market

Mahón has both a lively fish market and indoor produce market. These are great if you are catering for yourself or plan on having a BBQ. Chic boutiques sit side by side with traditional tapas bars. The squares and plazas reveal many more fine dining restaurants.

Wherever you venture in this lovely city, the views are picturesque. You watch the world go by from the terraces of the many bars and cafes. A cold drink in hand here is a very pleasant experience.

Punta Prima

The small resort of Punta Prima lies in a picturesque bay on the southeast coast of Menorca. Punta Prima lies 10 kilometres from the island’s capital city Mahón. This is a opular holiday destination for both couples and families.

Punta prima, Menorca

What adds to the charm of the resort is its distinct lack of any high rise buildings. Punta Prima’s buildings blend into the surrounding green countryside. This beautiful countryside is where you will the many hiking trails here.

Punta Prima Beach, Menorca
Punta Prima Beach

The wonderful little Punta Prima Beach boasts white sands and clear turquoise waters. The sand has a gentle slope into the sea and rocky areas to each side keep the waters calm. Lifeguards add to the safety of the beach and there are ample sun loungers and parasols.

Anoray Beach Bar keeps bathers refreshed and well fed. There are further bars and restaurants along Passeig de s’Arenal alongside the beach. Here visitors will find two small supermarkets should they prefer a beach picnic.

Punta Prima Resort & Splash Aqua Park
Splash Aqua Park

The resort’s centre is a pleasure to stroll around and offers all the services for a pleasant holiday. There are several bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops. Other services include car rental agencies, an ATM, pharmacy and children’s playground.

There is further children’s entertainment on the outskirts of Punta Prima. The small Splash Sur Aqua Park is a good example. The park offers a variety of water slides, lazy river, hot tubs, water playground and a swimming pool. There is also a bar and restaurant serving all sorts of hot and cold food and soft and alcoholic drinks.

Map of Mahón

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map of Mahón

Map of Punta Prima, Menorca

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Map of Punta Prima, Menorca

For visitors who wish to explore further afield, there is a bus service to Mahón. Other transportation includes a road train to several of the surrounding resorts.

Scuba Diving

Keen scuba divers should head to the nearby resort of Binibeca. Here they will find a diving school of the same name. The Binibeca Dive School offers variety of PADI diving courses. Already qualified divers can enjoy some excellent dive sites. These include an old shipwreck and underwater caverns.